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Ongoing Management

  • Ongoing Management

A U.K. based market research company had long-standing operations in South Asia and was looking to expand its influence into China. Their operations required the ongoing management of over a dozen employees located across a large geographic area.

Compounding the normally expected challenges of setting up a local base of operations was the fact that this company had no experience on the ground in China. They required real local expertise to help them execute their targeted goal.

Develop a strategy to recruit and manage a network of a dozen independent part-time and freelance field representatives. These field reps were to be tasked with gathering data and information about the availability of products and services in retail stores and various specialty outlets.

In order to coordinate the field reps’ efforts and to collate and catalogue all of the incoming data, an additional full-time team of managerial staff would be required along with all of the essential logistic and office support.

DEG developed and executed a plan that included:

  • Building a network of part-time field reps to gather data
  • Coordinating and managing data entry personnel in Shanghai
  • Training of all employees to conform to the client’s SOP
  • Proofing of Engligh translations
  • Administration and management of payroll, taxes, and benefits
  • Highly-detailed, daily reports of ongoing activity
  • Regular maintainance of databases of major brands’ activities

Based on the first year’s success in China, the client asked DEG to expand its operations into Taiwan and South Korea. This Management Subcontract under DEG employs 25 people in four countries for a period of 5 years.


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